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"ATTENTION! Webmasters, Internet Marketers, Affiliates, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners ... and Anyone Who Wants to Make Money Online"

Discover How This Very Page Murders The Competition Using The Most Comprehensive, Sales-Boosting, Conversion-Busting Suite of Internet Marketing Tools the Web Has Ever Seen!

  • 90+ million unique visitors per month
  • 100+ websites
  • 98% of visitors are from organic (non-paid) sources
  • Read on and I’ll tell you how

Hi There,

I’m Paul J. Tranter and with my business partner Terry Johnson (the guy in the video!), we’re probably the most successful Internet Marketers you’ve never heard of!

We’re a couple of down-to-earth English blokes who quietly sit under the radar and relentlessly get on with the business of doing business and as such can I promise you from the outset that you’re not about to be subjected to reams and reams of hype, baloney, secrets, myths and tantalizing ‘carrots’ that you only get to nibble on once you’ve parted with your money.

Until now we’ve shied away from all the self-promotion, drivel and limelight as we felt it a distraction to our ‘Make Money Online’ goals.

Over the years the Internet has been good to us and we now feel the time is right to give something back.  In the next ten minutes I’ll outline everything you’ll get once through the virtual doors of  the VIP Marketing Lounge, what the tools and systems do, how they fit into conventional marketing wisdom and how spending some quality time chillin’ in the VIP Bar can help you earn a little extra beer money for the weekend, or pay off your mortgage, or even help you to give up work altogether and live the high life they (the gurus) claim to be living by cultivating the Internet.

Then I’ll be outright asking you to part with some money to get in! … Something they teach you absolutely never to mention up front because apparently, you should lead the reader (that’s you!) on a journey. You should first call out to your audience and grab their attention with a compelling, ruthlessly A/B split tested advert and headline (we’ve already done that because you’re here!).

We then invite the reader to listen to a professional video presentation because it’s a fact that video converts sales better than copy alone (above) … but we must also add more information via a professionally written, highly optimised ‘long copy’ sales page … Like this! We do this because many people also like to take their time reading about a product and it gives me the opportunity to add keywords like ‘Internet Marketing’ (see what I did there), so the sales pages will be ranked highly in search engine results.

Then we’re supposed to create empathy:

“There I was, living in the sewers, up to my knees in the waste and detritus of a thriving city, feeding on the occasional raw rat. They were normally the old, diseased or lame vermin because I was so weak they’re all I could catch. At Christmas I would try to make it to the soup kitchen down at Madison and Third and that was the highlight of my year. Some years I didn’t make it and would celebrate by grabbing the odd, floating sprout that made it through the waste disposals and down to my world and would eat it whilst suckin’ old turkey bones…

“Then I found this ‘secret formula’. I happened upon an old, discarded laptop in a garbage skip I was rummaging through filled with filthy cardboard, cold Chinese takeaways and dismembered bodies, local business owners dumped by the Mob because they hadn’t paid their protection levy. I turned it on, the battery still has a few heartbeats of life. I noticed the wifi signal go on … I had a connection.

“Ping! … a spam message dropped into the in-box. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did, I opened that mail. I read the contents and that very moment my world changed. I discovered …. bla bla bla, you know the rest!”

However, I’d struggle to legitimately write my sob story because although I’ve had my ups and downs, on the whole I’ve had a pretty good innings!

Internet marketing salesmanThen we highlight issues
 and identify problems that the product is supposed to solve.

Then we supply the solution. We address all the reader’s wants and needs; we talk to you regarding the ‘pain of development’ and demonstrate how easy the product is to use and how it will solve all the difficult situations we pointed out earlier.

We then address and deal with any potential negatives, closing the exit doors as we proceed, moving on, raising the tempo to create a buying urgency, to motivate the reader to take action. Never ask a question that has a yes/no answer; always create a ‘choice’ proposition. Don’t say “would you like to buy this now?” because the answer can be no!

Always ask, which offer would you like to buy?” A choice of positives, either answer leading to a purchase.

Before we make the close we cultivate the ‘fear of loss’ by making the awesome product ‘exclusive’ and in ‘limited supply’ … we make a ‘one-time offer’ pitch and because we’ve already dealt positively with any possible reason to say no, the reader only has one option left, to say yes and buy…

But today I’ve chosen to turn conventional teaching on its head. I’ve chosen to wipe the slate clean and ignore everything that has been tried, researched, split-tested and found to work. I have chosen to be up front and honest and to get the money stuff out the way now because:

a) You’re an intelligent person and you’re reading because you’ve heard about the VIP Marketing Lounge somehow, be it through direct marketing, online promotions, though social media or a search engine. You’ve read the compelling headlines above and are intrigued enough to continue reading, in the HOPE that you’ve come across the tools & software you need to make that work-from-home living everyone says is possible … possible!

So I thank you for having the confidence in me to read this far and I will not be so crass as to patronise you.

On this very page I’m going to tell you exactly how it is, with no psychological games and sales tricks … just you and little old me, chewing the fat and hopefully my demonstrating through simple logic that the tools and systems found in the VIP Marketing Lounge are something that no business, and I mean ANY business, from your Fortune 500 multi-nationals to the mom and pop operations run from the converted broom cupboard, can be without.

And if you want a small slice of the Internet cash pie, to show you that VIP Marketing is to the Internet Marketer (that’s you!) what a sharp knife is to the chef, or the paintbrush is to the artist. I hope to convince you that it’s just darn pointless to live another day trying to make money online without getting yourself a VIP Pass!

b) I also feel comfortable being candid with you at this early stage in our relationship because I hold the Ace Card!

There is no secret system; there’s no mystery in what I’m about to share with you … It’s just a plain old fact that if you want to market online you need VIP Marketing tools!

This is a take it or leave it deal right from the get go.

To try and make money online without the right tools is like trying to skydive without a parachute, bungy without a chord or waterski without a boat … you’ll just end up flapping about helplessly in the water … or in this case the Internet Marketing Ocean!

The VIP Marketing Suite is the prospector’s shovel, the pick, the sifting pan … it isn’t the rich seam of gold but without it you’re simply scratching around in the dust!

Like I say, making money online is not a mystery, it’s a formula, a set of proven techniques that produce a desired outcome. Apply the systems more aggressively and what’s spat out at the other end is a more aggressive result.

It’s emotionless, devoid of pain, grief and frustration … you are dealing with software and machines.

What Do I NEED to Make Money Online?

Unless you create your own products you need nothing more than:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • Some affiliate and reseller accounts
  • A bank account to receive the commissions
  • The right knowledge to drive traffic
  • AND the VIP Marketing Suite … and mix in some hard work and a lot of time!

And that’s basically it!

vip internet marketing arNo matter what you read or hear or watch, all the magic answers, the alchemy, abracadabra, voodoo, black art money-making systems … everything, and I mean, all of it, it’s all based on the tools I’ve just listed. Get yourself set up properly and you can make a living from anywhere … and I mean anywhere with an Internet connection!

I ran my business from bars, coffee shops, marinas and am now writing this with the log fire blazing, looking out over the snow covered mountains from my home office!

Ski season’s coming - bring it on!!!

Even if you want to create your own products all you need is the winning idea and a proven market. If you want to sell a digital product, write it yourself or pop a brief on eLance or freelancer or one of the other outsourcing sites and for a few quid (that’s english for dollars!) you can get it all written for you … Then you need a Click Bank account or one of the other affiliate platforms AND get a pass into the VIP Marketing Lounge to extend your market reach … simple as that!

If you want to sell a physical product then make it, get it manufactured or sign up to Amazon, Commission Junction, Trade Doubler, Max Bounty etc AND get a pass into the VIP Marketing Lounge to extend your market reach … simple as that!

Look!, if my somewhat unorthodox, forthright and frank style hasn’t begun to cultivate an air of honesty and trustworthiness between us, go spend several thousand dollars, watch all the fancy videos, trudge through all the hours of sales copy and hang out in all the member’s areas and forums.

You will find that they all preach the same things.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not demeaning a whole group of hard working, respectable entrepreneurs. These guys (shame there aren’t more women) know their stuff and they ‘tell’ you exactly how to make money online. And frankly, I believe they deserve the money clients give them because most teachers have been out there in the trenches. They’ve learned through steely graft, trial and error what works … and more importantly, implemented it over and over.

Some of these people will teach you more professionally than others … but what they all reveal boils down to pretty much a basic formula, which is use the right tools, those VIP Marketing Systems.

Entry to the VIP Marketing Lounge isn’t about ushering hoards of people through the doors, handing out the knowledge like complimentary drinks and then booting them out the Fire Exit into the back alley or handing out products to which VIP get a kickback, VIP Marketing is the kickback!

You need never have to search for a solution again. We give you everything and what we don’t provide, bespoke solutions and more complicated personalised stuff, we can get done for you. We have a team of top programmers standing by.

So Why Don’t Other Gurus Supply These Systems &  Tools?

Well I hate to admit it but I’m now touching on the ‘take them through the pain of development’ bit I mentioned earlier for no other reason than it’s necessary to mention it!

It’s as cut and dried as this … You won’t find a suite of marketing tools like those in the VIP Marketing Lounge elsewhere, precisely BECAUSE of the ‘pain of development’.

VIP Marketing Tools and Systems are a work in progress. To date, a team of programmers have worked full time for over TWO AND A HALF YEARS building, tweaking and fighting to keep on top of the game, and to date, fitting out the VIP Marketing Lounge has cost somewhere in the region of $200,000 of our own hard-earned money, which ironically was generated using the systems we created! No outside investors or business angels … our own money!

This is Why An Exclusive ‘VIP Ticket’ to The Marketing Lounge is An Ace Card!

And we’re nowhere near finished … We have a set of briefs being analysed right now and a work schedule for the coming twelve months. So when it comes to the ‘parting with your money’ that I’m not supposed to mention at the beginning of this page, you’ll now understand why there is a cost.

However, we make you this promise: We reinvest 30% of any income back into development and refirbishments … And that’s an ongoing commitment to YOU and YOUR business.

You won’t get ushered past security, through the foyer and into the VIP Marketing Lounge to be handed a stained old dog-eared PDF marketing course or set of shaky, poorly shot videos or rehashed, rewritten ebooks. You won’t be greeted by some dodgy bloke out to make a quick buck stuttering through black-hat tricks he gleaned off You Tube, or a chap who’s filmed himself in front of a wipe board in a dirty vest and baggy shorts, bleating on like a sheep, “do this bhaaa”, “do that bhaaa” who then tells you to go off and find your own third party tools.

Simply put, VIP Marketing IS the system. It’s the tools and software that help you put into practice the knowledge you learn within the Lounge … or could learn anywhere from any teacher.

  • If a guru tells you to get a squeeze page, then once you’re in the VIP Marketing Lounge you’ll find the tools to create the most optimised, highest converting landing pages out there
  • If a guru teaches you to build opt in email lists, look around the VIP Marketing Lounge and you’ll soon find the tools to grow lists bigger and faster that integrate seamlessly with all the major emailer platforms
  • If a guru explains that you need to be involved in social media, your VIP Ticket gets you access to a VIP Fanpage Builder to create the pages … and practically everything else you would ever need!
  • If you learn that you must have a ‘Mobile Page’ for better accessibility and SERPS … You’ll find the best Mobile Site Creator in the VIP Marketing Lounge bar!

VIP Marketing! … It’s the platform, the facilitator, the machine, the organ, not the organ grinder or the monkey.

How DO I Make Money Online?

I hope that all makes sense so far and I’ll move on to outline some pretty astonishing stuff. And no that’s not a hype power-word … ‘Astonishing’ is pretty understated in my book, or blog when you consider that what I reveal right here, right now, UNDERPINS a business sector that is measured in the order of $TRILLIONS.

I did a Google on this keyword string: ‘internet marketing sector value’ and although it didn’t give me anything tangible on the overall picture, it did throw up several reports and articles dealing with the niche. Numbers were banded about whereby the authors had given up typing out the noughts!

100Bn here, 196Bn there … Suffice to say, Internet marketing is now a MONSTER and as I’ll show, it’s all based on a set of very simple, very formalised rules.

VIP FanfareAnd the fanfare “da da dadala da daaaaaa” (that’s supposed to sound like a trumpet!)

Here comes the credibility part! (I added it because I do think it’s relevant and demonstrates that we know our stuff):

My various partners and I have been surreptitiously harvesting the Internet of cold, hard cash for over TEN years now and if we haven’t seen all the gimmicks, MLMs, up-lines, down-lines, spin-on-your-head and do-a-jig systems out there, we’ve created them!

Under various guises and pen names we’ve worked with many of the top Internet marketers on joint venture partnerships and if we’ve not been behind some of the busiest sites in the Internet Marketing niche since its inception, we’ve helped promote them.

We were behind Freenetleads way back in 2002 that generated a membership of 500,000 people by it’s third month right back then in the Glory Days. A system designed to grow opt-in mailing lists and Holy Crap did it work! And this in the days when it really was as simple as building a list, sending out a mail for a mediocre product then sitting back in amazement as the money rolled in. The conversion rates back then were astounding, which is just as well because the products were abysmal! But the marketing tools did the business … the same way as they do today.

It was only held back by the limitations of the servers we kept crashing and our lack of expertise in that area! Modern servers can handle the traffic so no concerns there … and that wasn’t closing the exit doors prior to the sales proposition … it’s a simple fact!

After Freenetleads came 241leads, Results Tracker, Toolbar Traffic, Ultimate Banner Exchange … and so on and so forth…

Trading as Internet Unlimited, we built system after system, pushed product after product and all this as I traveled the world, sailing my yachts and living the Internet Dream.

90+ Million Unique Visitors a Month

“You’re joking right?”

I don’t joke my friend and I certainly would not publish a headline like that if it weren’t true. These days our development company creates high end sites.  The amazing figures at the top of this letter are REAL and achieved with a very simple formula.  One core model, a website architecture that works and then niche sites are created that sit on the framework, in this case over one hundred of them and then VIP tools are used to achieve the marketing results…

These are our systems, systems we use on the battle field daily. They have to work because people rely on them! The stats I quote are achievable by anyone with the drive and determination to put the systems into action.

Once you enter the VIP Marketing Lounge you’ll find beautifully crafted virtual cabinets displaying all the ‘legitimate’ tools THAT WORKED in the Glory Days and that we use to this day to engineer success. They are the very best that they can be (until we develop them further!). Everything that you will ever need to make a killing on the Internet!

  • If you’re new to the Internet then you have found many of the answers you’ll need!
  • If you’ve been online for a while then you can stop chasing rabbits!

chasing rabbitsWhat I mean by that is if I were to set you in a field of rabbits and promised to pay you $1,000 to catch one using nothing but you’re bare hands you’d be pretty stoked right?

There’s no kudos in catching a scabby old fellah is there? …  No … so you’d set off at a sprint racing after the biggest fastest rabbit in the paddock, he’s a fit old, wise old rabbit though and if he can’t out-run you, he’ll certainly out-smart you!

Soon you give up chasing him because you realise it’s just not gonna happen, so you set your sites on another, which you don’t catch either, then another … I can promise that no matter how fit or how much enthusiasm you start out with, you’d soon tire. You’d then begin to look around for an older or less agile looking critter and chase that, and another and another … eventually, you’d end up a puffed out, despondent, disillusioned wash out having not caught any rabbits at all!

And this is what people do on the Internet day after day …

Now enter the picture the wise old farmer, the one who’s been watching you make a complete plonker of yourself! Ask him to catch a rabbit and there’ll be no drama and he certainly won’t chase them round the field.  He’ll wander over to the warren, take out the rabbit nets from his hunting bag and cover all the holes except one.  He’ll then pull out his demon, ninja Terrier that’s been trained in the black art of rabbit catching, he’ll send it down the hole, the rabbits will take flight along their carefully excavated escape routes and run slap, bang into the nets.  Old Mr farmer will then amble round filling his bag and freezer with his catch.

My friend, a VIP Marketing Ticket is your bag of nets and the Terrier on Steroids and you just got hold of Mr Rabbit by those big, floppy ears!

Yes, I now have the houses, I have the cars and I live on a hundred acre, self-sustained ‘lifestyle’ block in New Zealand with olives, fruit orchards, citrus trees a vineyard an equestrian area, a motocross track … My ‘haven’ sits in the foothills of the Southern Alps where we ski all winter and has views over the Pacific Ocean where I fish, dive, sail and have fun all summer.

And do you know what? Having said that to create credibility and prove that I walk the walk, let’s be honest with each other … you really couldn’t give a flying fig could you?

This is about YOU and what I can do for you - Not, what a wonderful chap I am!

What is The ‘Mystical’ Formula?

binary cashThe blueprint to making money on the Internet, or anywhere else for that matter, is simple … and yes, I’m going to let you in on it right now … for FREE, nothing, zip, nada!

Success is simply a formula, if you’re not achieving the level of success, in this case dollars, pounds or euros in the bank, then you either haven’t applied the right formula or not applied it often enough.

It’s math, it’s computers, it’s software … the only variable is YOU!

You’re not dealing with a neurotic, paranoid, psychotic Supreme Being that is hell-bent on crushing any progress you make (although it can feel that way at times!). This is basic binary, 1 or 0. Line lots of them up in the right order and you get your result.

So what is this unfathomable puzzle?





It’s coming!



The modus operandi that has made more millionaires than McDonalds, the system that has made more fortunes than the Gold Rush, the manufacturing sector of a large country and all the laundromats in America combined?

This is the formula, which I claim and henceforth to be known as Trant’s Law of VIP Marketing Physics: P + M x Y(∞) = $

‘P’ Represents the Product, Service, Proposition or Upgrade:

  • Identify a need
  • Procure a product

‘M’ represents the Method:

  • Create a sales showcase
  • Drive customers using marketing tools & systems
  • Make a sale

Initiating ‘M’ will give it a value corresponding to the value of the sale.

‘Y’ represents the number of times you apply ‘M’.

If making a sale gives ‘M’ a value of 100 and you want ‘$’ to be 1000 then simply attribute 10 to ‘Y’

∞ is the symbol for infinity (that’s a big number!) meaning there is no limit to the figure you can attribute to ‘Y’

Repeat P + M x Y(∞) = $

Piece of cake!

No … it really is that simple!

Don’t Mess With The Formula!

Every business out there has a product, a proposition or service, be it on the Internet or the real world. It could be hamburgers, commercial diamonds, a lottery system, a replacement for petrol or an ebook on how to get rid of genital warts.

Now you either create a product eg Facebook and keep upgrading it using M to advertise the new ‘features’, or keep adding different products to your portfolio using M to advertise them eg Amazon.

The success or failure of ANY product absolutely depends on ‘Trant’s Law’.

Create a product, build a customer base using tried and tested (since the beginning of commerce) methods, interact with that client base, nurturing and tending it until it finally parts with some money…

Now the ways of servicing that system has changed over the years, for instance, we now look to the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to find our potential clients, not the local village fete. We now send email where we can, not stamped, hand written letters. We now use autoresponders to follow up on our marketing messages and don’t pick up the phone any more.

But, and it’s a great big HOOFIN ‘BUT’ … Trant’s Law is a keystone.

trants law of internet marketingA keystone is the critical block at the top of an arch, in this analogy the arch is e-commerce.  It holds the whole structure together and gives it one of the strongest forms known.  Pull out that one, single stone and the magnificent arch loses all integrity and crumbles to the ground …

So there I was doing very well creating and selling ebooks, affiliate products and digital information using the formula above and the tools now found in the VIP Marketing Lounge … I then went and did something quite bizarre!

I stopped doing it … I decided that ‘I knew it all’ and that I was better than Trant’s Law … I thought I could ‘change the formula’.

You see the more success you get the more money you make and the easier you want your life to be! I’m sure it’s this phenomenon that turns actors and popstars into ignorant, raging divas!!!

Anyway, I digress (again!). When launching any product you get a big hit, an initial surge, a big wedge of cash (yeah ha!) and then the sales, inevitably, perceptibly drop off as the customer pool you can IMMEDIATELY access has been exhausted.

This is because you hit your email lists, Facebook fans and Twitter followers and then need to find ‘fresh blood’ to sell to. So the flood becomes a flow as you work to drive traffic from different sources. Nothing wrong with that especially if you’ve got lots of streams but I thought that I could bypass the hard work and create a constant flood!

When marketing as an affiliate you choose a product and wring every last penny cent from your resources. You then let that one run to do its thing, making sales and building list … but you need another flood.  You research and choose another product ‘P’ and then you go all over again ‘M’, like rolling in the hay with a nubile nymphomaniac. Again and again and again and again, sweating and rolling, rolling and sweating, harder and harder, little pools of love mess soaking into the … sorry, got carried away!

So as I said, I thought I would ‘buck the system’. I had seen the success of mainstream sites swept along by hysteria and wanted a bit of that action. I made a conscious decision to step out of the marketing game and concentrate on a project with longevity. I decided to build a killer service, watch it build organically to umpteen gazillion users and exit with a big, fat buy-out thank you very much … boy did I have a shock!

You see, I’d tried to rewrite Trant’s Law; with a tap of the keypad I deleted ‘M’.  I found a great product and worked really hard to build it.  In fact I was so busy building it I not only removed the M from Trant’s Law but by default removed the Y too! The formula now looked like this:

P = $ and it just doesn’t compute. (although many on the Internet would have you believe it does!)

Finding a good product to service a niche isn’t that hard. In my case I’d set up a website basically as an experiment and it did take off. But it only grew so big and then stalled.  To grow it further I thought I would just keep improving P and hope $ would follow … It doesn’t because Trant’s Law is broken!

Imagine if Newton’s law changed tomorrow and gravity doubled … would all the planes fall out of the sky? I don’t know but the world as we know it would change!

You MUST apply ‘M’. To get the site working, to move it to critical mass (the tipping point where it takes on a life of it’s own), is a monster task … It’s called hard work ‘Y’ and the only system we can’t supply in the VIP Marketing Lounge!

Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter … They all started somewhere. Not one got successful without applying Trant’s Law and the systems found in the VIP Marketing Lounge … Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, List Builders, Text Marketing, Social Media systems … everything a marketer uses today has been used and even pioneered by successful business.

I learned that to get ANY site to pay it’s way requires all the tenacity and marketing systems we used when selling affiliated products. And this was an epiphany, a lesson learned, a revelation!!!

THE FACT OF LIFE ON THE WEB IS THIS:  No Matter Who You Are, What You Do, What Business You Run … You Cannot Escape The Fundamental Laws Of Internet Marketing Physics

As sure as the moon waxes and wanes, as sure as the tides ebb and flow, as sure as gravity sticks you to this planet … you simply cannot escape Trant’s Law!

And VIP Marketing is the catalyst.

I’d left the ‘Kitchen Table’ Internet marketing business to set up the next eBay or Amazon … something that would take the Internet by storm, grow organically by word of mouth and free search engine results and benefit from that mysterious ingredient that appears to make a site take off for no reason that anyone can fathom … mine didn’t!

The cold, hard truth is that NO business simply ‘takes off’.

They have a great radio advert out here in NZ. It’s for the radio advertising network and they say: “a strange thing happens when you don’t advertise … nothing!”

Advertising, marketing, it’s all the same thing and without the right tools and a simple system, the same thing will happen to ANY business you set up … nothing!

So I talk from bitter-sweet experience, that’s why I can say with absolute conviction, that if you want to make some money online, you can’t do it without the VIP Marketing Lounge and a bit of good old, hard graft!

What’s in The VIP Marketing Lounge?

red carpet to vip marketing lounge

Before I go on to outline what’s included I need to make it clear that the entire system is online, accessible from any computer Mac or PC and is all run on our state-of-the-art, dedicated servers. You run everything from a simple dashboard, online management system that’s already installed and configured, just fill in the information you want to process … no software to upload, download or configure.

AFFILIATE TOOLS: Create MORE Affiliate Sales With Unique VIP Marketing Tools

vip affiliate toolsA successful website operator or affiliate knows that having the right tools means MORE sales!

This is exactly why we developed an arsenal of weapons for you to create MORE sales, build BIGGER opt in mailing lists, and BOOST your conversion rates.

Every VIP Marketing tool can be added to ANY web property, even short URLs at the click of a mouse!

Imagine adding an exit pop up to a short url … unheard of until now. With multiple tools available the VIP Marketing Lounge is your one-stop Affiliate Tool bar.

REMEMBER: These tools are not here today, gone tomorrow gimmicks. They are everything we and every single guru you’ll ever come across have used to make probably 95% of all the money generated by Internet Marketing over the last TEN years!

They are everything Internet Marketers, Affiliates, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners … and Anyone Who Wants to Make Money Online will need for THE NEXT TEN YEARS!

And top affiliates will instantly recognise the value in each and every module, every tool. VIP Marketing tools are the the bedrock of ANY online business. Imagine trying to mow a football field with a pair of scissors, you’ll do it in time but your job could be so much easier with a turbo powered, mega mower … Well it’s the same as trying to work your business without VIP Marketing Tools!

TIP: Don’t change what you are doing … simply incorporate VIP Marketing tools for MORE sales!

WEBSITE BUILDER: Options … VIP Marketing Website Builder or Word Press?

vip wordpress website builderWith the VIP Marketing Website Builder you can start building web pages which SELL, SELL, SELL!

From video and video squeeze pages to sales and slide show presentation pages. If you prefer a more comprehensive website presence simply use our fully hosted Word Press sites. Choose from hundreds of templates and never miss a trick with comprehensive video tutorials.

Squeeze pages
Landing pages, destinations pages, flash pages, call them what you will they’re all the same thing and all the courses you’ll ever pay for tell you to use them … and we wholeheartedly agree!

They are simply small pages with very little information designed to achieve one thing, to squeeze out a desired result. It could be to download a report or to enter an email address or any number of things.

Now there’s a right way and a wrong way to create landing pages. VIP Marketing Landing Page Creator lets you build the most tried and tested, highest converting squeeze pages the net has ever seen.

And here’s another freebie you normally have to pay for! I include it to show we know our stuff and have done our research. Study what the most successful people on the planet are doing, learn from them and duplicate what they’re doing.

Q. What’s the highest converting, most successful squeeze page in the world right now?

Sales Page Creator
One ‘guru’ is selling a system that’s been on the top of the best-seller lists now for over two years. He’s young enough to be my son and is already creaming it in the Internet Marketing game. His success involves setting up a very particular sales page built around a very particular template to sell Click Bank and other affiliated products.

Now the template or framework is totally legitimate, has a great architecture and highly optimised.

Google loves these pages when set up properly (the page you’re reading is one!). The framework is created by one of the most successful companies on the internet called WordPress … Using VIP Marketing Tools, you can set up these pages properly and efficiently and with a million templates to choose from they’ll always look unique and professional.

We feel so strongly about this system that this very page is built on the WordPress architecture!

You set one sales page up after the other, each optimised to a specific keyword relating to the product you’re selling. Done properly (we show you how) each page will produce a little stream of cash … replicate the system to produce multiple streams of income … that’s ALL successful Internet marketers do!

VIP Marketing sales pages can be created on this high-performance, highly refined, highly optimised framework. You do need to add your own content which you can write or get written for a few dollars at eLance as explained earlier.

TIP: Build your marketing and lead capture pages using VIP Marketing Website Builder & Word Press for your main website.

WEBMASTER TOOLS: Multiple Plugins, Tools & Services For Your Websites…

vip webmaster toolsWith VIP Marketing Webmaster Tools you can forget buying expensive software … ever!

At the VIP Marketing Lounge you gain access to multiple scripts, already installed and ready to go.

And here’s the best part … It’s all set up ready for you to use, just click and go.

No software to download, upload or configure … ever! Be up and running within minutes. Instantly turn or off from your management system.

TIP: You can add the same plugins to thousands of pages or websites, and then at the click of your mouse change the plugin used across every page or website

SHORT URLS: Not All Short URLs Are The Same!

vip short urlsWe were extremely fortunate to get hold of a three digit .com url … these short urls were snapped up years ago and you’d have to pay a huge sum for one now. They’re not only easy to remember but essential in modern Internet marketing.

We’ve all used short URLs from time to time, they’re nothing new!

But what if you could add those valuable, sales and lead grabbing features you find on most high converting websites … to a short URL?

With VIP Marketing tools you can!

Just imagine how many extra sales and leads you can pull from thin air by adding any of the following to your short URLs … exit pop ups, custom tools (create your own), peel away ads, viral bars, follow me tabs, designer drop-ins, autoresponder opt in forms, opt in bars and even intelligent navigation bars to show videos and HTML content.

Create short links that forward, redirect and cloak.
The service is unique in that once set up a short link will allow you to not only bolt on a whole load of tools but also lets you change the destination url as often as you like. So instead of having to keep creating new urls every time you want to change something, simply click a mouse!

Google recently announced that it doesn’t like too many affiliate adverts on a page, which is ironic when they built THEIR empire on advertising! Anyway a VIP Marketing short ‘cloaked’ link will hide long, ugly affiliate URLs stopping search engines ‘dictating’ how you make money and also helps protect your commissions by stopping weirdos deleting your affiliate ids when purchasing from your links.

TIP: Affiliates … don’t just send traffic to a sales page, send via a VIP marketing short URL and turn that traffic into life time subscribers and buyers

VIP AUTORESPONDER: Integrates, Instantly With VIP Services …

vip autorespondersVIP Marketing services will integrate with most third party autoresponders such as ‘Aweber, iContact and GetResponse, Mail Chimp’ etc .

However, if you want to SAVE on your expenses you also have the option to use the VIP Marketing Autoresponder. Whether it’s a designer drop-in, landing page or exit pop up, the VIP Marketing Autoresponder is already integrated within most VIP services … ready to install opt in forms and start building your lists.

TIP: Turn exit traffic into subscribers … Try adding opt in forms to exit pop ups via VIP short URLs

FACEBOOK FANPAGES: Reach & Engage With MORE Customers…

vip facebook fanpage builderThe VIP FanPage Builder creates content rich Facebook FanPages.

Add HTML, forms, video, borders, background colors and images, autoresponders and plugins, the possibilities are endless … with over 850 million active users on Facebook, it’s NO LONGER a matter of IF you need a Facebook FanPage.

TIP: Use the VIP FanPage Builder to create sales & opt in pages for affiliate products, then create a conversation on your wall to VIRALLY spread the message about YOUR business

MOBILE WEBSITES: Even YOU Can Build Designer Mobile Websites With VIP Website Builder!

vip mobile website builderThe VIP Mobile Website Builder will EASILY CONVERT websites in to dynamic, vibrant mobile friendly websites which synchronize with your regular website or sales page.

EVERYTHING is included, even hosting, no technical skills required.

Choose from multiple templates or start with a blank canvas. Don’t delay … within 12 months mobile phone browsing will EXCEED that of PC desktop based browsing.

TIP: Use with the VIP Mobile Website Builder … instantly enable any page for mobile browsing

TEXT MARKETING: 97% of Text Messages Are Opened!

vip text marketingWhooaaa! – Back up one second … Read that again!

’97% of text messages are opened.’  That’s a real and frankly, breathtaking statistic and couples to the fact that when you consider that 73% of people actually WANT to receive offers and promotions by text, it’s no wonder that text marketing has become such a potent and profitable weapon!

At VIP Marketing we have some of the best features within the industry, from coupons and competitions right through to opt in forms and of course our memorable short code 70000.

TIP: Start building YOUR own text distribution list for near on 100% open rates and instant response marketing


vip graphic creatorTraditionally … if you want to create a professional business image you had to use paid professional tools or employ someone who can. More often than not these would come at quite a hefty price!

You can now avoid the expense by using the VIP Image and Graphic Creator. We used it on this page!

Use it for your websites and import your own unique designs into your VIP tools.

TIP: Use for creating Headline images, Buy Now buttons, Belcher buttons, Guarantee images and most images and graphics … many used on this sales page!

VIP ’QR CODES’ ARE THE NEXT BIG THING: Give it a Try … Scan The Code below

vip QR codes(You will need a QR Scanner app on your phone)

You may have seen these strange symbols appearing all over the media, on posters, flyers, even airports.

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and allows mobile phones to scan a QR Code to achieve an objective instead of having to manually type data into the phone. They are like the old bar codes but contain a lot more information. You can programme them with web urls, text messages and all sorts of things.

So if you have a promotion, simply set up your VIP QR Code with your address, or web URL or a text number so that people can simply scan it into their phone rather than having to write it down.

And QR Codes are not just for websites … QR Codes can be used on ANY physical item, from t-shirts to flyers and from mugs to mouse mats as well as any online mechanism such as Web Pages and emails.

TIP: The quicker you start to incorporate QR Codes into your marketing the quicker you will see a rise in your conversions…

VIP STATISTICS: Google Analytics Quality Tracking For All VIP Short URLs…

vip statisticsAs powerful as Google Analytics … VIP statistics gives you all you need to know for your short URLs. Entry, exit, bounce rates and where they came from.

Plus for VIP Website Builder Pages and FanPages we also provide at a glance page view reports.

TIP: Wherever you place a link, use a VIP Short URL, from blog posts to articles, find out where your traffic comes from … and don’t forget to add a VIP Short URL plugin so that you get to turn your traffic into subscribers and buyers!

VIP RESELLER PROGRAM: Set YOUR Own Prices, Bank 100% Of Revenue!

vip marketing reseller programmeStart YOUR Own Cutting-Edge Marketing, Mobile & Social Media Business…

The VIP product portfolio is unique, in demand and offers our resellers opportunities to deliver both one off sales and to build monthly residual business via social media management, text marketing and managed Google, Yahoo and Bing placements.

We have a full sales force management operation in place and all the help you’ll need, from one-on-one consultations to full business and management systems.  The Internet is the future and you can be part of it with your very own VIP business.

TIP: Get to know the BZ9 product range, build your own services then offer ANY product or service to your local business market … and get to keep 100% of the price you charge YOUR customers

BONUSES: Support And The VIP Commitment to You

vip marketing bonusesWe add new VIP services all the time!

We have a set of briefs being analysed right now and a work schedule for the coming twelve months. We you buy your VIP Pass into the VIP Marketing Lounge that’s it, you’re in, no matter what we programme or add to the Marketing Suite.


Here are just a few of the projects in programming right now and will be available within the next few months:

  • MARKET RESEARCH: Google trends and more sophisticated keyword anayliser
  • AFFILIATE ACCOUNT MANAGER: Preset links to all the networks and the ability to manage all your affiliate accounts in one place
  • YOU TUBE: Add links and opt in forms to videos
  • A/B Split Testing: Split test all content and ensure you’re getting the very best performance from your campaigns
  • More Content & Training: We’re continually adding news, videos and reports to our blog and Internet Marketing training

MISSION STATEMENT: We aim to do the very best we can do in anything and everything we do.

  • We have great support staff who’ll help you with anything you need
  • Once in the lounge you’ll find tons of videos and help to make sure you’re not left in a dark corner somewhere
  • We even post regular reviews and reports on various products coming on the market
  • Then there’s the Internet Marketing Ideas booth … There’s just so much to see in the VIP Marketing Lounge, you’ll not want to leave!

Furthermore, we make you this promise: We reinvest 30% of any income BACK into development … And that’s our ongoing commitment to YOUR success.

Grab a VIP Pass: And Start Using The Most Comprehensive Suite of Marketing Tools the Web Has Ever Seen…

We are so confident in the service we deliver that we offer a 60 Day, No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee so that you may put these systems to the test.

Grab a Pass TODAY, see the Marketing Suite working and experience the POSITIVE IMPACT on your business … NO MATTER WHAT THAT BUSINESS IS.

To get past the bouncers and through the doors please click the red ‘LET ME IN‘ button:

Despite the years that have passed and the launch of ‘next big thing’ after ‘next big thing’, nothing, and I mean nothing, has replaced the basic business principles of Internet Marketing. And I’ll make a prediction for the future … no ‘hot-shot’ promoted, over-hyped scheme will ever replace Trant’s Law.

During my time in the outback as I was developing my ‘traditional’ sites focused on longevity, highly motivated people just like you have burst onto the scene, made their fortunes and disappeared off to find themselves in the Himalayas or lose themselves in the bars of Thailand!

I’ve seen snotty-nosed 18 year old kids knock out a MILLION dollars in Click Bank in twelve months. I’ve seen guru after guru make so much cash selling their wallet-bursting systems it’d make you weep … and many don’t even use the systems they sell!!! … and you know what? When you strip away all the fluff and feathers it all boils down to the same thing. They’re ALL selling revamped, rehashed versions of the rock-solid, time-proven, mortgage-paying marketing basics that underpin ALL business. 

I often say, when boring the pants of people at pubs and dinner parties that there are thousands of people out there, struggling to make ends meet WHO ARE MILLIONAIRES, their time just hasn’t arrived. Just look at J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame … they won’t be as big as that but when they apply Trant’s Law to anything they turn their mind to, it WILL happen!

And it’s all here for the using in the VIP Marketing Lounge!

VIP Internet Marketing Lounge Screenshots

So we’re either coming to the end of our time together or this is just the beginning; we’re closing the deal…

“And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain, tra la la!”
 (that’s a song by the way!)

I’ve shown you what awaits you once you pass through the hallowed doors of the VIP Marketing Lounge and precisely why EVERY business needs the VIP Tools & Systems.

I didn’t have to debate the problems VIP systems solve because you know what they are. I didn’t have to close off the potential barriers to purchase because there aren’t any! You either want to make money online or you don’t  Like I said right at the start, this is a take it or leave it proposition.

I should also be creating urgency now … OK! … Well how quickly do you want to get started?

I should have created value throughout this marketing page … well I think I did that rather comprehensively but at this very point I should also create fear of loss and exclusivity.

Well I’m going to pass on that if I may, it’s only a gimmick used by the gurus and as we’re intelligent people we’re cute to the games people play.

The truth is that a VIP Pass isn’t a ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Gold Ticket’, it isn’t exclusive to the privileged few, those with the wherewithal to take the plunge. The VIP Marketing Lounge is designed to cope with as many people who want to pop in!

We have our own dedicated servers, our own technical guys, scaleability and enough experience of crashing servers to have learned our lessons.

Oh and shouldn’t I create a once in a lifetime offer?

Here Goes:


But not today my friend, not today! … because I have something special as I can see that you’re a warm and attractive person … just a couple of places left!!! … and today it’s not TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS … it’s not FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS … Today, because I got laid last night and am feeling generous I’m going to let you have a once in a lifetime offer VIP ticket for only two thousand if you BUY RIGHT NOW!


You’ve gotta get in today because at midnight I’m closing the doors … after midnight I don’t want your money, no, I don’t … you can come banging on my door at 4.00am with big bags of cash and I’ll turn you away, yes I will … Pleeease, do me favour!

Look, it’s this simple, I do get laid regularly so that wouldn’t be a once in a lifetime offer … and although nearly all sales pages try this tactic it’s rarely true … we’re all in business to sell as much as we can!

You can’t market to your full potential online without relaxing in the VIP Marketing Lounge with like-minded clientele … PERIOD!

Today, Tomorrow And For The Foreseeable Future A VIP 7 Day Trial is $4.97* And a Ridiculous $49.97* a Month Thereafter

I have to say that there are people on the Internet selling poorly programmed software that does HALF the job of just ONE VIP tool for up to $997 (I’ve checked it out!).  On that basis I should be charging the Earth for a VIP pass!

However, $297 is a highly researched and proven price point making the VIP Marketing Lounge accessible to all. Another highly researched and tested fact is that offering a price drop makes people feel good about a purchase (everyone likes a deal right!) and one third of the original price is the most effective. So that’s what I’ve decided to offer VIP Passes for today … Can’t argue with the research eh?

A VIP Pass should be $97 (including first month)* But I want you to join us right now and start earning some real money so we’re currently allowing a 7 day trial … this genuinely will stop shortly (Arrgh! I did it, but it’s the truth, we will stop the trial). And because everything is set up and hosted on our servers we have an ongoing cost and commitment to you and the welfare of your business in keeping it all going. The cold, hard truth is that it takes a team of highly experienced and qualified programmers, some very sophisticated, proprietary software, a bunch of very expensive, dedicated servers, a number of technical guys and a rather large budget to keep the VIP Marketing Lounge running!

And we even strive to keep the Lounge advert free. Yes! … a cool, happenin’ retreat with none of those annoying, flashing images spoiling the enjoyment of making money.

So there’s a $49.97* monthly payment for hosting and running your tools and Internet marketing systems giving you peace of mind, which you can cancel anytime you wish if you decide you have made enough money or just don’t want to make any at all!

It may be of comfort to know that we don’t even handle your payments, this is controlled by ClickBank. ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 30,000 digital transactions a day. They serve more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.

You can resell VIP Marketing Passes on an affiliate basis using VIP Marketing tools and after a couple of sales entry is effectively FREE. You can go on to become a fully accredited reseller of VIP Passes and create a serious Internet business buying VIP systems at wholesale prices and white labeling them setting your own prices … or you could just amble on and use VIP Marketing Tools to help raise some pocket money for the grand kids!

And if you’ve gleaned some Marketing wisdom just by reading my sales letter, this is just the beginning …

All you need to do is hit the ‘Add to Cart Button’ below, which incidentally, is by far the most tested, proven ‘Buy Button’ in internet history and you can make them in the VIP Marketing Lounge … go on … hit it!

VIP Marketing Add to Cart

add to cart

Because we’re selling tickets to the VIP Marketing Lounge through Click Bank (a system they teach you to use after you’ve parted with your cash) you get the Click Bank SIXTY DAY guarantee!

If for any reason the VIP Marketing Lounge isn’t for you, then simply ask for a refund … Although that isn’t going to happen unless you decide that you no longer want to make money online!

And now the ubiquitous testimonials! I have included some here and they are genuine … see you on the other side and if you have any questions please ask. A real person will, barring earthquakes and landslides, get right back to you.

“This is a just a quick selection … we have many, many more! ”
Real Testimonials

Hi Kevin, Rich here, I just wanted to drop you a line or two after your last email regarding resellers feedback. In a word – Awesome ! The marketing training videos were great and will be mega helpful, I have managed to land 6 new clients in 2 days of starting the system so am well chuffed … and am anxious now for the release of the sales letter module as that will compliment the video marketing perfectly. (please keep me informed on this if you are able) All the best and looking forward to the next updates. Kind regards to all aRich
Having been a member since the beginning, I am finding the added benefits more and more useful. The marketing ideas that you and the team come up with are also very helpful and as ever, are backed up by easy to follow video tutorials. I am excited about the new features coming online soon and can’t wait to incorporate them into my marketing business. David Wilcock
Exceptional customer service – I can’t say enough about the staff. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive, the experts take care of our company so we can take care of business” Macodou Sall Managing Partner at

“Yours in success in whatever you choose …”

Paul J. Tranter and Terry Johnson (and a host of aliases and pen names!)

  • *Order With Confidence.
  • Instant access: After successful payment you will be invited to open your account. Price includes all future updates and additional software as it’s developed. VIP Pass price does not include bespoke and personalised services, third party services such as Aweber or text messages.
  • System Requirements: The Marketing Suite is ALL online. All you need is a PC or Mac or any device capable of browsing the internet and an internet connection.
  • Monthly Payment: Payments are taken automatically and are clearly marked on your statement. You have total control over your payments and can cancel any time at the click of a button. In accordance with the law, we does not store or have access to credit card information.
  • Hosting Usage: is limited to normal usage bandwidth. This is to protect others in that if you start sending higher than average traffic that’s great but we get charged by the hosting company and we have a commitment to all VIP members and will have to work with you to mitigate this additional cost. But rest assured, we can cope and will keep all your services running as we fix things.
  • Communication: When you subscribe to VIP Marketing services an e-mail is automatically sent to your in-box with your password to the website so make sure your e-mail details are correct. You will also receive a payment receipt. If these do not arrive then please contact us and well fix things just as quickly as we can.
  • Very Secure Servers: We use the very latest 128 Bit encryption. ClickBank are the merchant company that process your credit card (we do not see or have access to your credit card number)TOTAL PEACE OF MIND & SSL SECURITY CERTIFICATION
    You have total control over your payments and altering payment options or canceling is simple and worry free. All transactions utilize 128 bit encryption, the highest level of security credit card companies can offer. The presence of SSL Certificate means you can rest assured that communications (e.g. credit card numbers) between your browser and this site’s web servers are private and secure when the SSL session is activated. … in short, INTERNET TRANSACTIONS ARE THE SAFEST AVAILABLE, nobody can see or have access to your credit card number … so enjoy and profit from your VIP membership.
  • Cancellations and Refunds: 60 Day No Quibble Refund.We are confident that once you begin using the VIP Marketing tools & services you will wonder how you ever managed without them!We know from experience that the vast majority of our customers will recover their costs many times over during the course of their subscription period and come back to use our services year after year. Read the marketing overview and if VIP Marketing is not everything we promise, you’ll get 100% no quibble, refund! Simply contact us and we’ll refund the initial fee plus the first monthly payment. We feel 60 days is enough time to evaluate our service and after that the refund policy expires.